The Story

draw_dog_sleep Dogs.

Whether through careful and methodical planning, or through an ill-advised rash decision, we chose to share our lives with these amazing creatures.

Sometimes, it truly boggles the mind.

They don’t have much to say about our taste in home decor, or our preference in coffee, tea, or even whiskey.  They don’t have anything relevant to say about the latest social media scandal, and even less about our choice of outfits.  They do not care for ballet, nor Star Wars, and they will flat out LIE about their personal political beliefs – always siding with the party that offers the most sausage treats.

As a companion they make no sense.  And yet here we are.

Peering into that furry face, often with overwhelming joy (sometimes with exasperated frustration), we are faced with one inescapable conclusion.

We are ‘Dog People‘.

We venture out into the blistering cold, scortching heat, torrential downpours, and everything in between – trusty companion always in tow.  We rise earlier then most to squeeze in a few extra minutes at the park, and sometimes stay up later then many.  We even pick up poop, while fending off racoons and skunks!

… And we are thrilled to do it all, because we have chosen not to travel alone.

At Dog Savvy, our aim is to strengthen the bond between Dog and Human.